Parking Guidance System (PGS)

The Parking Guidance system (PGS) is based on Carlo Gavazzi's expertise in sensing and communication technology within the industrial technology in the automation market. Our patented Dupline 3-wire bus is a tried and tested network with more than 150.000 installations worldwide.

The PGS is completely scalable and can be used in any type and size of indoor carpark. In Spite of its advanced functions, the system is surprisingly easy to install and configure, allowing the detection, counting and indication of vacant spaces. by means of dynamic green arrows, drivers are directed to the closest free parking bay, resulting in considerable time saving. Our Parking Guidance System not only provides drivers with more convenience and less stress, but by monitoring the whole situation of the parking area it increases efficiency in car flow, reducing energy costs. Cars can be directed to preselected areas of the carpark, while the system ensures that lighting and ventilation systems are disabled in unoccupied zones. Energi5 product range for car parks, as well as the controller, sensors, Led indicators and displays, also includes a series of easy to install loop detectors.

Based on an inductive measurement principle, a coil of wire is buried in the ground, detecting cars driving over it. Typically it is installed in the ground in front of a security entry gate or to detect the occupancy of outdoor parking bays. In addition to the single space detection system, ENERGI5 also provides a zone count solution. Sensors detect the cars entering and leaving the zones, thereby allowing the master zones, thereby allowing the master zone counter to keep track of the available spaces and showing them on parking zone displays. Combined single spot and count systems are possible and can provide great advantages. A specific web app has been developed so as to provide an easy remote access to the car park occupancy data via smart phone and an improved carpark revenue and management via the booking system.

Dupline®Carpark Web App 

  • Allows smartphones to check space availability
  • Online updated data
  • The user is able to see available spaces in total & on each level
  • Different colours are used to indicate each level

More convenience, less stress

This web app allows the drivers to use their smartphone to check t he number of available spaces in theCar Park facility online - in total and on each individual level. 

If the user has access to eitherWifi or mobile broadband, data can be accessed from anywhere. 


Red Blue Amber LEDs

Red Green Amber LEDs

Red Green Blue LEDs

car park a glance

Car Park Projects

Reference List

Seabroker VS6

Commercial Building

59 Spaces

Stavanger - Norway

Busgaden Parking House

Park House

150 Spaces

Aarhus - Denmark

Prisma Laune Lahti

Shopping Centre

820 Spaces

Lahti - Finland

Are Oy Vantaa

Commercial Building

47 Spaces

Vantaa - Finland

Trafix Kumpula

Commercial Building

40 Spaces

Helsinki - Finland

Cumulus Hotel Hakaniemi


20 Spaces

Helsinki - Finland

Spedali Civili Brescia


237 Spaces

Brescia- Italy

Public Parking Niort

Parking House

550 Spaces

Niort - France

Planning for Parking Guidance Project?

ENERGI5 have a specialized team for providing a wide array of parking services include but not limited to planning, engineering and installations for Hotels, Hospitals, Buildings, Shopping Centres, Parking Garages/lots and municipalities.


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