Carlo Gavazzi Motor Soft Starters and Drives

ENERGI5 offers a range of Carlo Gavazzi motor controllers for soft starting/stopping and reversing of three phase squirrel cage motors. Applications include conveyor systems, pumps, compressors, industrial dryers, mixers, automatic doors, palletizers, and fans.


Our soft start controllers from Carlo Gavazzi feature internal bypass relays which eliminate the need for large external heatsinks. This minimizes the space requirements in your panel and also greatly reduces the heat generated. In addition some of our soft starters employ an adaptive learning algorithm allowing them to optimize themselves to the particular motor being used.

We also offer soft starters with built-in over temperature monitoring, thermal monitoring of motor via PTC sensor, and built-in overload protection (class 10 or class 20)

With the increasing use of geo-thermal energy and the rising cost of energy in HVAC systems in general, our range also includes single and three phase soft starters for scroll compressors in order to minimize the starting current and prevent light flickering.

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