Frequently Asked Questions

How to track my order? / Will you send me a tracking number?

As soon as your order is dispatched, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking number. All international orders are shipped via DHL express delivery, with tracking information. 

Is it possible to use our courier account number?

No, but we guarantee you that your order will be handled professionally and received safely in a short time with the lowest shipping fees.

How much do you charge for shipping to USA?

We offer a flat shipping rate for international shipping as follow.

USD 28 ---> 0 to 5 kg.

USD 42 ---> 5,1 to 10 kg.

USD 114 ---> 10.1 to 20 kg.

We ship via DHL Express Delivery (final delivery in 3-4 days maximum) 

What is your Terms & Conditions?

Here you can find all about Terms & Conditions. 

Can you invoice and deliver to another company/country?


We are ordering in big quantities, can we get a special price?

Of course you can. Here you can find all information about our "Bulk inquiries"

How long does it take for restocking?

25-30 days maximum.

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