Carlo Gavazzi Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Energy costs are becoming a significant expense in most processes. With increased energy unit costs, decreased generating capacity, and the environmental concerns with the burning of fossil fuels, it is important that companies reduce their electrical consumption.

Carlo Gavazzi offers a broad range of energy meters and power quality meters and transducers for monitoring energy consumption as well as problems with power quality. In adddition, meters such as our EM24, EM26 and WM40 aslo offer optional digital inputs for inerfacing to water and gas meters thereby allowing access to electrical, gas and water usage with just one device.

As an alternative to the traditional desktop software, Carlo Gavazzi offers the innovative VMUC-EM data acquisition module which allows up to 32 meters and transducers to be connected and providing a built-in web interface to allow viewing and trending of real and historical data. In addition, it also offers FTP pushing of data as well as a Modbus TCP interface if you would like to read the data from your current energy management system. In cases where a LAN is not available, the VMUC-EM is also available with a wireless modem.

For extremely large systems, we also offer our VMU-Y which allows you to monitor up to 10 of the VMUC-EM - allowing a total of up to 320 meters or transducers to be monitored, again, offering the same access to the meter data as the VMUC-EM. For even larger systems, we offer the EM² server software for monitoring virtually any number of meters.

In addition, with the move towards renewable energy, monitoring of photo-voltaic strings is becoming important in order to maximize generating capacity. Our EOS Array system allows you to monitor the current, voltage, power, temperature, and irradiation levels of your entire solar installation.

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