DPD Series...A Game Changer in Monitoring Relays.

The 3-phase multifunction monitoring relay with NFC communication.

Energy Monitoring Solutions

Energi5's comprehensive range of energy meters, energy analyzers and power transducers keep your plant monitored 24/7. The following communication protocols are available: Modbus, BACnet, M-bus and Profibus. Our web server solutions also provide multi-site monitoring.


EM210 / EM340

WM30 / WM40

EM23 / EM33






VMU-Y PV...Enhanced Scalability.

The embedded photovoltaic monitoring solution.

At A Glance!

Energi5's range of cUL & TUV approved safety modules includes modules for light curtains, safety mats, two hand control (anti-tie down device), magnetic and safety switches, and emergency stop.

Covering most timing functions (On Delay, Interval, Off Delay, One Shot, Zero Speed, Star-Delta, and Recycler), our timers are suited for practically every application.                                                                  

Our range of counters includes both 6 and 8 digit types with counting inputs up to 10 KHz.Input signals can be contact/NPN, PNP, or AC voltage.                                                                                                            

WM20...New Modular Smart Power Analyzer

The ideal solution when both control and energy management functions are simultaneously required.

Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Energi5's range of solutions for energy efficiency monitoring includes all the necessary hardware and software components to set-up and operate a system in charge of: 

  • Measuring energy, electrical, analog and digital variables. 
  • Storing, displaying and transmitting data for remote monitoring. 
  • Aggregating, organizing and managing information of both single and multi-site installations.

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