Dupline® the innovative multipurpose bus for Industrial Applications and Building Automation. Dupline® is used for transmitting and receiving analogue and digital signals over distances up to 10 km. Dupline® can be used as a stand alone system or as part of a PLC based control system. All Dupline® modules can be easily and quickly configured with SBTool software or with a small hand held device. 

Dupline® is used widely in ventilation, lighting, elevators, irrigation systems, water treatment facilities, facility alarm systems, parking guidance systems and in home and building automation for controlling lighting, temperature, security and so much more.

DuplineSafe® is a TUV approved SIL 3 system for monitoring emergency stops and pull cord switches. Dupline Safe is used to identify which switch has been disconnected and provide emergency shutdown actions in a typical ESD systems. Dupline is also extensively used in home and building automation systems by utilizing the broad range of dupline products such as lights switches, PIR detector, LUX sensors, analogue

transmitters and receivers, temperature sensors, humidity sensors and CO2 monitoring devices. Furthermore, it is easy to interface ENERGI5's broad range of Carlo Gavazzi energy meters thereby allowing energy usage data to be monitored and logged. The SB web has built in BacNet capability allowing integration of Dupline into any existing building automation system.

Proven performance in more than 100.000 installations. 

At a glance

Water Distribution Systems 

Dupline® as Remote I/O

Sensors and pumps at the Remote Well are monitored and controlled from the Treatment Facility, using a pair of Dupline® leased line modems. One of the modems is located at the Remote Well, while the other is located Kilometers away at the Reservoir Pump House. Communications are carried out over conventional telephone lines. Both locations are monitored and controlled by the PLC at the Treatment Facility.

The Levels in the Water Towers are measured by ultrasonic level sensors and transmitted on Dupline® as analog signals. There are also high-level float switches used for alarm purposes. The PLC monitors the level and switches the booster pumps ON or OFF to maintain the Water Tower levels within defined limits. Between the two Water Towers and the Treatment Facility it is not practical to run wire, therefore RF modems are used.

Flow meters with pulse outputs are installed at various points in the system and connected to Dupline® Counter Modules, which register the amount of water passing by. This enables the PLC to monitor if there are leakages in the system. LCD Text Displays are used to indicate alarms and to read out the levels in the Water Towers. The Dupline® Central Unit at the Treatment Facility has a built-in GSM modem, which sends an SMS text message to a mobile phone in case of an alarm. The alarm messages can be “pump 2 thermal overload”, “well power loss”, “water on the floor pump house 1” or “high level exceeded in Water Tower A”

Railway Systems 

Dupline® for Data Transmission

The capability to transmit multiple signals over long distances using two wires makes Dupline® ideal for use in Railway systems. A Dupline® network without Repeaters can handle up to 10 km, but when Repeaters are used in cascade there is no limitation on distance. Dupline® is used to monitor the gates and lights at railway crossings. The fault outputs from the local gate control system are fed into Dupline® input modules, which transmit the signals to one or several control centers.

The final link to a control center far away from the tracks may be implemented via GSM-, leased line- or auto-dial modems. If a fault occurs, it is immediately reported to the computer. Dupline® is also used to monitor the operation of trackside signaling relays. The output signals from current transformers, providing a true feedback if lights are ON, are fed into Dupline® voltage input modules.

The information is again transmitted via Dupline® to the control center, where the computer records the information and verifies correct output status. When the temperature drops below freezing point, track shifter heaters need to be activated at regular intervals to prevent blockage of trackshifters because of ice. A central PLC reads the temperature and humidity via Dupline and controls the heating elements accordingly via relay outputs.

Factory Process Monitoring 

Dupline® as Remote I/O

In many production plants it is possible to achieve big savings by means of automatic monitoring of machines and processes. It enables the maintenance staff to fix faults quickly and accurately and at the same time allows machine performance data to be stored in a database and subsequently used for quality control and increase of machine efficiency. Dupline® is an ideal system for this type of applications because the system meets the requirements at the factory floor for flexibility, modularity and reliability and at the same time it provides easy interfacing to the IT-level. Moreover, Dupline® solves the task without blowing the budget. Start-up costs are low, and the system can be expanded gradually as the need arises and the budget allows it.

Dupline® can for example be used to monitor several production lines with plastic extruders. Pulse outputs from energy meters are connected to Dupline® counter modules, alarm outputs of temperature controllers, such as “heater circuit open” or “loss of heater supply” are fed into digital input modules and pressure transducers are connected to analog 4- 20 mA input modules. All values and alarms are transmitted to a central monitoring PC with a SCADA system, which alarms the maintenance staff and stores all events and values in a database for later analyzes of power consumption and reasons for machine downtime.

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