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DuplineSafe is based on the Dupline® fieldbus, a system that has been used in more than 120.000 installations worldwide in the harshest industrial environments. Dupline® is particularly known for its reliability, simplicity and ability to transmit signals over long distances – all of which are features required in safety related systems. The trend is clear – big advantages can be achieved using bus communication in safety related systems. 

Compared to the traditional serial wiring of NC safety switches, the diagnostics is vastly improved. The immediate indication of causes for production stops makes it possible to reduce downtime significantly, especially on large machines and plants. Furthermore, a bus solution is safer, because the risk of undetected bridges over NC safety contacts is significantly reduced.

Keep up production and make your plant safer. 

Immediate and precise diagnostics        

The status of the safety switches can e.g. be monitored from a HMI or LED mimic panel, providing fast and precise diagnostics. The signals can also be monitored from a PLC or PC, for example by using the DuplineSafe Profibus-DP gateway or the Modbus interface. Machine stops can be fixed faster leading to increased production efficiency. 

Up to 5 km transmission distance without repeater

No need for special network modules or special handling when long distances are involved. This is one of the main reasons for DuplineSafe being the leading Safety Bus system worldwide for long conveyors in mines, tunnels, cement factories, power plants, harbours, stone mills etc.

Bus-powered input modules        

The DuplineSafe input modules are bus-powered - hence no power supply is required at the E-stops. 

Easy to design, install and expand

The DuplineSafe system is easy to design, install and commission. The wiring of the twisted pair cable is uncomplicated and flexible with the possibility to use existing cables. If a conveyor belt needs to be extended, it is easy to install additional input modules.

Multiple safety relays can read the same inputs        

Easy to interlink safety switches from different machines so that any E-stop will activate multiple safety relays. 


DuplineSafe is approved by TUV Rheinland Group according to the latest safety standards IEC/EN61508-SIL3, IEC/ EN62061-SIL3 and ISO/EN 13849-1 PL e. 

At a glance

GS38300143230 : DuplineSafe - Safety relay output module

• Approved by TÜV Rheinland Group according to IEC/EN 61508-SIL3, IEC/EN 62061-SIL3 and ISO/EN 13849-1 PL e 

• Monitors up to 63 safety input modules 

• Automatic or manual restart 

• Status output for external equipment 

• Easy configuration and testing with handheld programming tool 

• For mounting on DIN-rail (EN50022) 

• 230 VAC power supply 

• cULus approved

GS75102101 : DuplineSafe - Input module

• Approved by TÜV Rheinland Group according to IEC/EN 61508-SIL3, IEC/EN 62061-SIL3 and ISO/EN 13849-1 PL e

• Powered by the bus 

• Single input for potential wfree safety contacts (NC) 

• Easy coding and testing with handheld programming tool 

• Small dimensions (57,5 x 36,0 x 16,4 mm) for decentralized installation at the actual location of the safety switch 

• IP67 rating 

• cULus approved

 GS73800080 : DuplineSafe - Handheld programming and test tool

• Used for address coding of GS75102101 and configuration of GS38300143230 

• Can be connected at any point on the bus to read out status of all safety signals 

• Easy-to-use 

• Battery-powered

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