VMU-C EM System

The integrated modular system for Energy Management Applications.

VMU-C EM is a modular system that records, monitors and transmits analog and digital signals from an industrial, commercial or residential installation with a specific focus on energy efficiency. The system includes a web server with a powerful and intuitive user interface to monitor data and set up the system. Data can be transmitted using various protocols (FTP, HTTP, Modbus TCP/IP) and via wired or wireless connection.

The system is a package of integrated modules. 

A web server with a web interface to monitor and set up the system.


Communicate via various protocols (FTP, HTTP, Modbus TCP/IP).


Can be progressively integrated with new modules according to application needs.


Secure against cyber attacks and computer viruses. 

System Structure

Communication Structure

VMU-C EM System can be installed in both technical and residential environments, without requiring any special caution during installation, usage and maintenance. 

Web Interface

The web interface is accessible with a normal PC browser connected to the VMU-C EM via Ethernet port, mini- USB port or wireless connection with the VMU-D accessory module. 

Compact Size

The maximum module package dimension is 8-DIN. 

Powerful system with unlimited applications

A complete monitoring system can be easily carried out by installing energy meters or power analysers to each single machine cabinet and connecting them to VMU-C EM via RS485.

A second serial line in VMU-C EM is connecting various VMU series I/O modules, which allows gathering temperature, flow, any scalable analogue variable information, plus digital input status.  

The VMU-C EM acts at the same time as a polling device, adata logger, web-server for data analysis, a gateway for Internet data availability, and it can also send scheduled emails with, for example, monthly data from each measurement point, or specific alarm email in case any. 

If this system is used to monitor a remote installation, e.g. an aqueduct pump station, where the wired Internet is not available, a VMU-W modem can be simply added to the system, granting wireless Internet connectivity for all the VMU-C EM functions. 

In case the metering points are to be controlled by customer’s own SCADA solution, VMU-C EM can easily push all the collected data directly into the database from which the SCADA is taking any info. 

The VMU-C EM is a web-server based solution that allows collecting, displaying and analysing all theconsumptions information fromapartments, shops or buildings, in any PC connected to the Internet, in the same location of the meters or remotely by a standard browser. 

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