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Home automation today is a lot more than lighting control, it is a way to make the home something special, taking care of the owners and their loved ones. Like a person, a smart house can change over time, following evolving needs and moods, easily adapting itself to new solutions. Furthermore, the technology in the house improves wellbeing, comfort, security, energy saving and much more. The new smart-house system from Energi5 offers this new way of living to its customers.

let's discover all the advantages and applications!

With our new smart house system, energi5 delivers a new way of designing a house or a building, thanks to its flexibility and modularity. It is based on a patented digital bus, the two wire Dupline bus, very powerful in transmitting all the information needed in building automation. thanks to the bus concept, the system can be expanded at any time without important structural changes in the installation and with excellent management of the costs. Furthermore, the functions can be changed and/or updated very easily adapted to the evoloving requirements of the home owner and to the fast progressing world of high technology. The msmart house system delivers complete solutions for home automation, including lighting scenarios to select the best ambience, shutter control to regulate perfect light and shade,             

temperature management to combine optimum comfort with optimum efficiency, intrusion, flooding and smoke monitoring to protect from any burglary or damage to the house.With A scheduler to program all events and basic functions. All this creates very special automation. The system also includes energy monitoring, logging power, water and gas consumption and whatever information is present on the bus (temperature, humidity, light level, etc). All this data is available on graphs, just by using a smart device or a PC, thanks to the embedded web server. Moreover, the system is an open platform designed for easy and fast integration with products from other companies, since we use protocols based on TCP/IP, for which we deliver the complete documentation. 

Fast commissioning without any addressing

One of the most innovative features is that no addressing of modules is needed: the installer just has to mount all the modules, launch a network scan and the system will find and automatically recognise the connected devices without the need to go around the whole installation making association or addressing. This means time and cost savings and an error free configuration process.

Easier troubleshooting

If any trouble should occur, the system provides powerful diagnostic functions in order to make the fault finding much easier: the bus is always monitored, giving information about short circuits, bus voltage and bus load, noise level and quality of the bus signals. The presence of the programmed devices is always monitored in order to give an immediate message if one is faulty. All this information is logged in a file so that the installer can check at any time what is happening.

State of the art software to guide users.

The configuration of the system is easily carried out with the free SH tool that is downloadable here. The software has been developed using a state of the art concept in order to have a user friendly interface that guides the user in a fast and error free system configuration.

Lighting and Scenario

The user can program a very simple on/off, create automation to save energy, or define scenarios for any and every situation or mood. The automation can utilize movement / presence sensors which make the light switch on only when it is really needed. It can also be managed by lux sensors which allows the light to be on only if the ambient light is below a predefined level.             

It can also enrich offices with a constant light feature. Furthermore, the light can be turned on/off at predefined hours with the scheduler and managed with a timer suited to every situation (stairs, wardrobe, corridors, etc). And of course it can all be managed remotely with a smart device. 


Light switch with integrated 90 degrees PIR sensor and luxmeter.


Wireless light switch.


Wireless dimmer with energy reading.

Temperature Control

The temperature control function has been developed to suit the needs of both small homes and big buildings thanks to the management of independent zones. The number of zones can be from one to virtually infinite, since they are programmed via software. The heating and cooling control can be used on all types of systems (floor systems, radiators, fan coils, etc) and it is based on a PID algorithm.             

Easy zone can manage up to three different setpoints to find the best temperature in each situation (comfort, activity, economy) in order to have very efficient temperature control. the selection of the three setpoints is managed by a powerful calendar. The temperature sensors can also be integrated into the light switches, providing an invisible solution. Temperatures and setpoints are, of course, accessible using smart devices. 


Glass temperature display.


0-10V analogue output module.


Relay output module.


Intruder, smoke & water leakage

The intruder alarm function advises the homeowner about an intrusion attempt by sending an email, sms, or activating a siren output. It can also be monitored by mobile phones, tablet PCs. It is managed by zones, giving the maximum or where predefined areas have special access. It can be activated by a code, using the keypad or a smart device.              

The smoke alarm function detects the presence of smoke, activating a siren and advising the user by sms, email or the web server. The water leakage alarm function detects the presence of leaking water and can accordingly close the relevant electro-valve. Like the other two alarms, this function can be controlled and monitored remotely via the web server, with the maximum simplicity and reliability. 




Movement sensor & luxmeter


Smoke detector

Shade Control

The roller blind and window control functions manage AC and DC motor control of shade and window opening/closing. The  user can move these manually, using the same kind of switches as used for light, or have themautomatically moved according to predefined light levels, rain and wind presence, temperatures and the scheduler.           

The smart house system also manages curtains with tilting flaps in a very efficient way. The blinds and windows can be controlled individually or by group: this can be defined once the installation is finished and at any time later. Like all the other smart house functions, this one can also be monitored and controlled remotely via smart devices.. 

B4X-LS4-U / B5X-LS4-U



Roller blind module


S150 Degree PIR sensor & luxmeter


One click to do many things

The Sequences is a powerful tool offered by the smart house system: the user can put together the functions already created to activate/deactivate them with just one click. For example, when the homeowner activates the "Good bye" sequence when exiting his home, the intruder alarm is activated, all the lights are switched off, all the blinds go down and the temperatures are set to the economy level. in the same way, when he/she comes back home, by activating the "Welcome" sequence all the required

lights are switched on, the blinds go up, soft music or the television can be turned on, and so on...there are no limits to the possibilities offered by the smart house system. Waking up in the morning can be programmed to be very gentle in a smart house: the blinds go up to a predefined level very slowly so that the light intensity is not too strong, soft music starts and the temperature is programmed to reach the comfort level required. 


PIR sensor with integrated luxmeter


Output relay module


Dimmer module


Energy monitoring and data logging

The smart house system reads and logs the electrical values and displays them in graphics, comparing them with the previous day, or presents them in downloadable excel and csv files. The reading can be done using:

  • Carlo Gavazzi energy meters: the information is sent via the RS485 bus. The SH2WEB can read data from the following energy meters: EM21, EM23, EM24, EM26, EM33, EM11x. 
  • The Dupline output modules with energy reading capability (dimmer module, DIN-rail relay module and wireless relay output module): the information is sent via the Dupline bus.
  • The Dupline DIN-rail pulse counter connected to an energy meter: the information is sent via the Dupline bus.

At the same time, the installer can create simple logic to switch the loads off automatically if the consumed power exceeds thepreset threshold, or they can be activated only according to a defined time table at cheaper electricity tariffs. In the same user friendly format, thehomeowner can also view the consumption of gas and water. As with all the electrical values, the smart house system can log any analogue value and present it in graphs.

The graphs and instant values can be seen by using smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs.


Bus Generator


Energy meter


Wireless relay with energy reading

SmartHub: The touch display

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