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Process Automation & Control

Process automation and control is at the core of ENERGI5’s business. ENERGI5 has experience working with every major DCS and PLC available in the marketplace today, enabling I/O optimization. We leverage your existing infrastructure to implement process automation solutions designed for your manufacturing and processing needs. Our process automation expertise spans all manufacturing industries, including oil and gas ( upstream  and  downstream ), chemical and petrochemical  processing,  pharmaceutical , and  power and utilities.

FEED and Detailed Design

Front-end engineering design (FEED), also called detailed design, is the second phase of an engineering project. FEED follows the feasibility study and often happens prior to final process automation project approval. The phase is useful because it can be used to generate bid tabs, which can then be used to develop an investment quality cost estimate. ENERGI5 engineers have taken responsibility for FEED generation on many process automation projects over a wide variety of industries, ensuring that they stay within the approved scope and budget.

I&E Design / Engineering

A plant’s instrument and electrical (I&E) system is critical to process automation. ENERGI5 provides design, engineering and troubleshooting services for these systems to ensure the quality and proper integration of the system components, motor control circuits, power supplies and PLCs.

Programming and Configuration

Programming and configuration brings to life the detailed design of the instrumentation and control system that is developed during the front-end engineering design (FEED) phase of process automation. ENERGI5’s control engineers have extensive experience working with every major DCS and PLC system such as ABB 800xA with AC800M & AC800M HI controllers. 

Systems Design

During process automation, ENERGI5 provides top-to-bottom design of integrated control, energy management, home and building automation systems. Our design expertise includes but not limited to electrical and instrumentation, SAS, DCS, PLC, HMI and SCADA implementations.

Consultative Services

With decades of experience in process automation, ENERGI5 provides expert engineering consulting services to resolve your growing pains and headaches with immediate, effective process automation solutions. Our consulting team can help you identify and eliminate the specific operational constraints that impact your profitability, such as distribution inefficiencies.

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