RK Series


A more thermal efficient design resulting in better performance and longer lifetime in compliance with the requirements of the Food and Beverage market.

Reducing the size of components is becoming a necessity for equipment manufacturers who want to stay competitive. Carlo Gavazzi has developed its product range accordingly and provides solutions that minimise space requirements without compromising performance. 

The RK series consists of solid state relay solutions which have two poles in one housing in order to save space. The series gives the option of having the two poles either independently or commonly controlled. The latter offers a cost effective solution for economy switching of 3-phase loads. The RK solid state relays are suited for reliable switching of resistive loads.

This new series extends the current ratings of 2-pole solid state relays to 75 AAC per pole and provides screw output terminals for easy connectivity of cables with ferrules, ring or fork terminals.

Main Technical Features

  • 2-pole zero cross or instant on switching AC solid state relay
  • Product width 45mm
  • Operational voltage: up to 660 VAC
  • Max. current ratings: 2x 50 AAC, 2x 75 AAC
  • Control voltage range: 4-32 VDC
  • Integrated overvoltage protection on output
  • Control ON LED indication per pole
  • 100,000 cycles according to Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances UL requirements
  • CE, UR, CSA and VDE approved


Learn more about RK Series of Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays .  Product description, applications, functions, power supply, communication, degree of protection, operating temperature, humidity, immunity, emission, led indications, housing, dimensions, weight, wiring, connections and installation. You can also, find all compatibility and conformity information such as CE-marking and Approvals.

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