RSGD Series


Self-learning algorithm reduces complexity, saving setup time without compromising product performance.

The RSGD is the most easy-to-use soft starter for 3-phase induction AC motors, as only 3 settings are required. The new self-learning algorithm has been adapted to work with different applications without needing to adjust the initial torque setting, therefore resulting in an almost plug’n’play device. Integrated overload protection and PTC input provide more protection to the motors, helping our customers to save money and space in the electrical panel. 

The RSGD is also equipped with a Modbus 2-wire serial communication protocol which can be interfaced to different PLCs for enhanced control and diagnostics of the system status. Instantaneous variables for energy consumption, voltage, current and other electrical variables can be easily communicated to a PLC for real-time monitoring of the motor condition. Internal alarm counters, as well as a datalog of the last 32 starts performed, result in easier troubleshooting in case of any problem. 

Main Technical Features

  • Self-learning algorithm to facilitate user experience and reduce settings
  • Current balancing algorithm to reduce the current unbalance to <15%
  • Integrated motor overload protection (Class 10)
  • Modbus RS485 serial communication on board
  • Torque control algorithm for ramp-down
  • Starting and stopping time adjustable up to 30 seconds
  •  55A up to 100A, 55 kW/50 HP @ 400VAC
  • Operating voltage: 220VAC up to 600VAC
  • Two phase controlled with internal bypass of semiconductors
  • Compact dimensions (75mm wide up to 100A)
  • 3 relay outputs for Alarm, Top of Ramp and Run indication
  • Enable and disable phase sequence protection
  • Automatic or manual resetting of alarms


Learn more about Carlo Gavazzi RSGD series of Soft Starters.  Product description, applications, functions, power supply, communication, degree of protection, operating temperature, humidity, immunity, emission, led indications, housing, dimensions, weight, wiring, connections and installation. You can also, find all compatibility and conformity information such as CE-marking and Approvals.

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