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dupline profinet gateway

Flexible modular solution for accurate integration in Profinet based PLC environment.

  • Profinet gateway with the function as a slave
  • Up to 7 master generators can be connected via the HS RS485 bus (side connector)
  • All Dupline signals from the master generators are available on Profinet
  • Mini webserver for diagnostics of Profinet and Dupline networks
  • Integrated 2-port switch
  • 2-DIN UEP housing
  • 24 VDC power supply

The GS33910060800 is a Profinet gateway with a built-in 2-port switch.  The module has no settings and works only in association with the master generator GS3390 0000 800.  By installing the GSD file in the PLC, the installer can design the functionallity of e.g. digital in/out, analink, mux BCD and Dupline® safe signals.  After installation and connection it is possible, by using the mini webserver, to perform tests and diagnostics on both Profinet and the Dupline® networks (up to 7 Dupline® networks) 


Any application with the use of digital input/output, analink, MUX BCD, Dupline Safer and Profinet.

Main Functions

Gateway between Dupline and Profinet.



Conformance Class B

  • RT_Class 1
  • UDP/IP-Comm
  • LLDP-Frames
  • Alarms
  • SNMP-support

Performance Characteristics

  • 100 Mbps, full duplex with autonegotiation enabled as default
  • Real Time (RT) communication, 250 µs cycle time


  • Up to 128 subslots in total
  • 1440 bytes of IO data in each direction, including status bytes

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