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Carlo Gavazzi 1056G

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Carlo Gavazzi Environmental Sensor 1056G

Special 1056G is part of a wind security system for cranes (Special 1057 is a complete wind security system). The amplifier is designed to be connected to an anemometer with an npn open collector output (e.g. PV01-2-20M1055). The system has 2 wind speed levels. A warning level activated by wind speeds between 50 and 70 km/h and an alarm level activated by wind speeds above 70km/h. At warning level the siren (optional) and the yellow signal are intermittently activated.

At alarm level the siren and the red signal are continuously activated. For timing see the "Operation Diagram". The system has 2 alarm reset modes and 2 siren modes (also illustrated in the "Operation Diagram"). The modes are selected on the amplifier, by the "Alarm Reset" and the "Siren mode" jumper, respectively. On start-up the system will, in sequence, activate the red signal, the yellow signal and the siren for 2 seconds.


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