Carlo Gavazzi


Carlo Gavazzi RGC2A22D25KKE

Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relay RGC2A22D25KKE

This product is intended to replace mechanical contactors especially when switching is frequent. The smallest product width in the RGC2, RGC3 range is 54mm (3xDIN) and goes up to 70mm. 2-pole and 3-pole switching options are available. Apart from resistive and slightly inductive loads, the RGC is certified for motor switching with associated motor ratings. A green LED gives indication of control voltage presence. Fan operation is controlled for the versions which have an integrated fan. Detection of SSR overheat, mains loss, SSR malfunction and load loss is possible with the RGC..M versions. An EMR alarm output is available for remote signaling. An additional feature with the RGC..M is the electronic auxiliary output. The RGC..M has additional LEDs for load status and alarm status indication.

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